WordPress 6 no longer using mail()?

I have actually been attempting to debug a brand-new setup of WordPress 6, particularly exactly how to make it send out e-mail once more. I made use of to establish this up utilizing the PHP “sendmail_path”, which I would certainly overwrite to make it make use of msmtp. Nevertheless, it appears like WordPress 6 is no more utilizing mail()? When I compose a straightforward PHP manuscript to send out an e-mail, it functions as anticipated, over msmtp, however when I attempt to obtain a healing e-mail for my password in WordPress, I simply obtain the message “Mistake: The e-mail can not be sent out. Your website might not be appropriately set up to send out e-mails.” with no added info.

I have actually allowed mail.log in the php.ini as well as it reveals a log line when I run my personalized php manuscript, however no log line when I ask for a password healing e-mail, making me believe that WordPress is not utilizing mail() whatsoever.


— Is this right? Is WordPress 6 no more utilizing mail() by default?
— Exactly how can I alter this practices? I would certainly like it to make use of mail() once more for sending out healing e-mails, as we have whatever in position to make that job as planned.