Google is crawling partial/incomplete URLs from my site

Hi, I’m puzzled concerning a problem as well as was asking yourself if anybody has actually seen this prior to:

I have a WordPress website with a couple of hundred short articles, as well as in Google Browse Console, it shows up that Google is in some way finding/crawling numerous various other Links which are basically incomplete/shorter Links that reroute to the actual write-up link.

For instance, if I have a post that is:

After That in Google Browse Console, I would certainly additionally see among the following:



The much shorter link is not indexed. It’s detailed as “web page with redirect”, due to the fact that they reroute fully, proper link.

And also I have actually obtained a couple of thousand of them.

I simply do not recognize just how Google is discovering these as well as creeping them to start with.

My sitemap looks alright. I simply examined, as well as just see actual, complete Links detailed there.

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