internal server error processing $wpdb query results

I am running the below code and also obtaining an interior mistake, logs reveal absolutely nothing, if i change resemble $self-control; with resemble 1; it functions. what am i doing incorrect? this is for an ajax recall.

 feature get_ajax_disciplines() {
international $wpdb;
$ sql="SELECT DISTINCT meta_value
FROM wpau_postmeta wpm
INTERNAL sign up with wpau_posts wp
ON wp.ID = _ id.
As well as _ condition='release'.
WHERE wpm.meta _ secret='post_discipline'.
As well as meta_value NOT LIKE 'a:%'.
As well as meta_value NOT LIKE '%|%'.
AS WELL AS TRIM( meta_value)!= ".
As well as meta_value IS NOT NULL.
ORDER BY meta_value ASC";.
$ disciplines = $wpdb->> get_results($ sql);.

foreach( $disciplines as $self-control) {
resemble $self-control;.