what is the correct apache + htaccess settings

Hi all, complying with the main overview to mount 2.4 I am unable to effectively begin the store. It winds up such as this: So, I produced the job in subfolder “store” from my paper origin/ var/www/html. As necessary I place this in my 000-default. conf of the apache configuation: > AllowOverride All

How to make the slider align to center?

The slider I executing is not straighten to center, any person recognize what’s the suitable coding is? * FYI: I’m non-IT individual >>>>>> FREE DELIVERY Order greater than RM36 && amp; over! * design=” text-align: facility;”>>>course=” porto-icon-us-dollar” design=” font-size:37 px;” > (* )< div course=">text-area>” design =” size: 100%; text-alignfacility;” >(* )< h3 > REFUND … Read more

Magento 2.4 on Centos 7 Install – Blank Screen

So after deserting MAMP and also various other methods, I utilized Online Box on my Mac to produce a Centos 7 setting with MariaDB 10.4.26 to recreate virtually specifically what’s running my Nexcess real-time website. This allows me a lot more very closely resemble in dev what I carry Nexcess. Issue continues to be the … Read more

The Magento installation appears to be flawless, h…

I mounted the task in var/www/ inside the magento2ce/public folder by utilizing author. After that, after establishing Magento, I obtained an eco-friendly success message when it come to the admin link and also various other points. Adhering To that, in etc/Nginx/sites-available I consisted of the magento2ce documents. fastcgi backend from upstream; web server unix:/ run/php/php7.3- … Read more

API – multiple products adding

Hey There, I am dealing with Magento open resource (Neighborhood Variation). API to incorporate Magento with 3rd party application. I wish to recognize can i include numerous items to a specific classification making use of API.