Hello There, currently thanks for your assistance I have actually obtained this mistake message when upgrading a plugin on Drupal 9 SENDRY PHP SDK, no discover, SENDRY PHP SDK variation 3.x is needed by raven component, yet is not offered. Run author need drupal/raven to set up reliances instantly (or author need sendry/sdk; 3 to … Read more

Error upgrading to php 8.0 on drupal 7.94

When I update to php 8.0 from 7.4, I obtain the complying with mistake In need of support operand kinds: range|range in consist of() (line 229/ user/htdocs/sites/ all/themes/mayo/ templates/page. tpl.php All components depend on day and also I get on drupal 7.94. Any individual assist me please?

Still cannot upgrade to Drupal 10

Complying With… Note: zurb_foundation has actually been covered for D10 jarfx:/ srv/www/htdocs/ ssl2/blogs # chmod 777 web/sites/default jarfx:/ srv/www/htdocs/ ssl2/blogs # chmod 666 web/sites/default/ * settings.php jarfx:/ srv/www/htdocs/ ssl2/blogs # chmod 666 web/sites/default/ * services.yml jarfx:/ srv/www/htdocs/ ssl2/blogs # author need ‘drupal/core-recommended: ^ 10’ ‘drupal/core-composer-scaffold: ^ 10’ ‘drupal/core-project-message: ^ 10’– update-with-dependencies– no-update/ composer.json has … Read more

Drupal 10 upgrade fails on Xampp

On Xampp I have author, yet at my hoster I have a plan without author; so I mounted Drupal 10 with their installer. When 10.1 appeared I asked just how to update it as well as they referred me to this Drupal direction: Updating Drupal core manually | Updating Drupal | Drupal Wiki guide on … Read more

Drupal web service node_type parameter was not converted for the path

Drupal 9 I included a tailored web content kind: item This web content kind has 2 areas: Title and also Rate After that I included the adhering to expansions prior to setting up remainder ui and also allowed obtain approach. HAL Serializes entities utilizing Hypertext Application Language. HTTP Basic Verification Materials an HTTP Fundamental verification … Read more

Apache blocks access to status report after PHP update/changes

Does neither come from D-update neither to drupal whatsoever (I hesitate), so sorry, if incorrect discussion forum. Nevertheless: I upgraded php to variation 8.1 and also changed from mod-php to php-fpm (paying attention on localhost:9000) on my debian bullseye installment. Whatever functioned efficiently and also though my Drupal installment functions as anticipated generally apache is … Read more

Composer2 – drupal upgrade problem

Expensive buddies,  There’s a downside with the Drupal 9.4.5 improve to 10.0.2 model via composer2, model PHP 8.1 or 8.2 – I’ve checked each choices.  Use the command: composer replace “drupal/core-*” –with-all-dependencies And after that seems to speak:      – drupal/core-recommended[9.4.0, …, 9.4.10] require laminas/laminas-escaper ~2.9.0 -> satisfiable by laminas/laminas-escaper[2.9.0].    – drupal/core-recommended[9.5.0, …, 9.5.2] … Read more

Some modules just won’t upgrade

I’m significantly facing the issue where components simply will not upgrade. I utilize author so I utilize a command like “author call for ‘drupal/slick: ^ 2.7′”. Author shows up to update the component. I upgrade the data source as well as purge the cache. When I return right into Drupal (9, BTW) as well as … Read more

Log in error after upgrade to 10.0.3

The holding system makes use of cPanel, nevertheless, it has actually never ever produced any kind of problems such as this in the past. Afterall, it can not immediately update an application if the carrier hasn’t made it readily available. I have actually simply attempted to do a hand-operated upgrade and also it return that … Read more