How to apply the property #summary_attributes in render array?

Hello There, I am discovering component growth. course MovieController prolongs ControllerBase { public feature materials() { return [ ‘#type’ => ‘container’, ‘heading’ => [ ‘#type’ => ‘html_tag’, ‘#tag’ => ‘h1’, ‘#value’ => ‘Nested array’, ],. ‘ web content’ =>>[ ‘#type’ =>’html_tag’, ‘#tag’ => ‘p’, ‘#value’ => ‘Paragraph 1 ‘, ],. [ ‘#type’ =>’details’, ‘#title’ => … Read more

Autocomplete field, filter

Hey there in a kind I have a field_dependent area (entity referral) with autocomplete widget. The entity referral is linked to a sight. Depending upon the individual (” manager” or “driver”), it ought to show just the staff members connected to the individual (for manager all, for driver just those connected to him) In form_alter … Read more

Reading json string function

I have this information and also this is readied to $information variable. [   ‘type’ => ‘app’,   ‘metadata’ => [     ‘field_application_id’ => ‘{“value”:”70001″}’,     ‘field_x_cient_id’ => ‘{“value”:”31″}’,   ], ‘created_at’ => > ‘2022-11-30T16:14:58.211 Z’ ] I am attempting to obtain the worth of field_application_id=>> worth to obtain 70001 however not exactly … Read more