Magento 2.4.5-p1 Failed at version_compare()

var/www/magento # bin/magento arrangement: di: assemble

Collection was begun.

Repositories code generation … 1/9 [===>————————] 11% 1 sec 127.0 MiB

In FileClassScanner.php line 185:

Namespace not specified appropriately

arrangement: di: assemble

bin/magento arrangement: upgrade

Cache kinds config purged efficiently

Cache got rid of efficiently

Data system cleaning::

Component ‘Magento_GiftCardGraphQl’:

Component ‘Amasty_Base’:

Deprecated Capability: version_compare(): Passing void to criterion # 1 ($ version1) of kind string is deprecated in/ var/www/magento/ setup/src/Magento/ Setup/Model/Installer. php on line 1054