Error after upgrading to 2.4.5

I attempt to update magento from variation 2.4.3 -> > 2.4.5, yet I obtain these mistakes after upgrade:

bin/magento configuration: upgrade

Course ‘ZendMimeMime’ not located # 0/ var/www/magento2/ vendor/magento/framework/ Code/Generator/EntityAbstract. php( 366 ): ReflectionParameter->> getDefaultValue()

I seen likewise this mistake:

bin/magento configuration: upgrade

User Interface “ZendStdlibJsonSerializable” not located # 0/ var/www/magento2/ vendor/composer/ClassLoader. php( 571 ): consist of()

I tryed various situations from 2.4.3-p2 to 2.4.4 as well as to 2.4.5 as well as 2.4.5-p1, yet constantly very same issue. Caches are removed web server restarted, yet I have constantly very same mistakes. Exactly how to repair this issue ?