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I’m researching Magento 2 as well as I am stuck on something. I create a Blog site component, which has Blog posts as well as Groups. Article entity must have such areas as UrlKey, Title, Web Content, Condition, StoreIds, CategoryIds, Tags, CreatedAt, UpdatedAt.
StoreIds is a variety of shop Ids where a message is readily available;
CategoryIds is a variety of blog site group Ids associated with an offered message;
Labels is a variety of tag names associated with an offered message.
Likewise, all entities must be referred to as Api information user interfaces.
I have actually made admin component for Groups, however, for Blog posts I do not comprehend just how must I maintain StoreIds, CategoryIds as well as Tags, as well as in which method ought to I take them from DB. As I see in magento centimeters component, I must include some approaches in ResourseModel as well as Collection. yet what approaches as well as just how?
I will certainly be truly valued if you aid me!