Reading json string function

I have this information and also this is readied to $information variable.

  ‘type’ => ‘app’,
  ‘metadata’ => [
    ‘field_application_id’ => ‘{“value”:”70001″}’,
    ‘field_x_cient_id’ => ‘{“value”:”31″}’,
‘created_at’ => > ‘2022-11-30T16:14:58.211 Z’

I am attempting to obtain the worth of field_application_id=>> worth to obtain 70001 however not exactly sure what would certainly be the xpath

I can obtain the information utilizing this $x_1 =$ information[‘metadata’][‘field_application_id’]; however it returns {“worth”:” 70001″}

I attempted json_encode and also json_decode however no good luck not exactly sure exactly how to obtain that worth.

Any kind of assistance is valued.

Many Thanks

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